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MoM training seeks to eliminate these mismatches. This takes rapport building to a whole new level – not only does the therapist pace and lead V-A-K modalities and sub-modalities, for example, but also the metaphorical identity of their experience.

MoM is a very practical methodology, often utilising drama, props and re-enactments.

Clients and trainees of the process report that they find it practical, fun, effective, relatively fast, and most commonly, that it changes many of the accepted rules and practices of contemporary change work.

The fact is: you will never hear language in the same way again!

The course will consist of theory input, lively explanations, and plenty of opportunities for practice.

“This training has helped me have a completely different view of all the training I’ve had to this point. My view of the world and others has expanded where I can fit so much more into it.

What will the 6 day training cover?

  Day 1.  Introduction to the Metaphors of Movement process

  Day 2.  Introduction to Metaphor Taxonomy and Creating Digital Change

  Day 3.  Introduction to relationships and creating analogical and generative change

  Day 4. Symbolism and time predication in metaphor

Majestic Hotel, Harrogate

North Yorkshire UK

Level 1 & 2  4 days- £595                 

 15th-18th October 2016

 Level 3- The Ground Work 2 days- £295           

  19th- 20th October 2016

Book the full 6 days- discounted to £795

    Previous attendees-

    50% discount if booked before 1st January 2016

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Book now with £100 deposit or in full for 2, 4  or 6 day place

   Metaphors of Movement with Andrew T. Austin      Rethinking Life’s Journey- in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

What is Metaphors of Movement about?

Metaphors of Movement takes the guess work out of change work by purely working in the structure of the metaphorical world the person occupies.

It is a precision tool to help you home in on the client’s exact stuck point and how they are maintaining their problem state


Level 1 & 2  4 days- £595                 

 15th-18th October 2016


 Level 3- The Ground Work 2 days- £295  

19th- 20th October 2016

Book the full 6 days- discounted to £795

    Previous attendees-

    50% discount if booked before 1st January 2016

Ask about easy payments

Why should I attend?

If you are a coach, counsellor, therapist, or anyone interested in helping people, and want to ….

– Examples of the problem (what happens)

– Emotional responses to the problem (how we feel about what happens)

– The consequences of the problem (the effects of what happens)

– The diagnosis of the problem (what we call it)

But none of these explore the possible solutions that are inherent within the problem system.

When a ‘stuck’ client is caught up in inappropriate and self-defeating behaviours, outcomes are of secondary importance. What is important in this context is where and how they are stuck now.

When you have four flat tires, where you want to go is irrelevant until you get the tires fixed.

Level 1- The Foundation                                                                 

An overview of the structure of MoM and the delivery of the change work process. Level 1 is a two day training that equips trainees to safely practice basic content-free MoM sessions for remedial change work purposes.

A problem with therapy is that often the client might as well be mute and not speak at all as the practitioner fits whatever communication is offered into their preferred model or frame of understanding.

Meaning gets inferred upon the client’s reportage, and the client’s meaning gets lost in the frame.

This reframing, no matter how artful and clever, will so often serve merely to negate the client’s experience for the duration of the therapy sessions. It is the precision that the MoM training model develops for the therapist that is often missing.

Four things should be noted here. Most methods follow a pretty conventional format:

Level 2- The Metaphoric Hierarchy

Level 2 is an exploration in how different metaphors logically lead to new metaphors, idioms and simile and how these can be arranged hierarchically. The overall theme of this level is that of relationships and emotional health. Level 2 training completes the practitioner status initiated at level 1.

“Terrific teacher!”

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Train of Thought Training


“Andy Austin is an intelligent and entertaining trainer. He demonstrates high standards regarding working with clients and more importantly, he trains you to become aware of yourself as the clinician/coach in all types of situations. His material is very useful for individuals who want to increase their therapeutic skills. He cleverly leads students to find the answers within and then offers new ideas to challenge their learning even more. I have enjoyed my experiences learning from Andy and I recommend him as a trainer.”

Rachel Hott, Ph.D. Co-director The NLP Center of New York

“Andy provided four days of enlightenment for me to discover how I can take the client’s language as clues to what is needed. I have new tools for understanding metaphors. Even how amazing movement allows those “Ahas” of change. Change is what I see and know—change in how/what moves the client in life.”

For more information on Metaphors of Movement and the originator and trainer, Andy Austin please visit:

Andrew T. Austin

“This is a simple straightforward way to shift behaviour from a congruent, respectful perspective.

Accommodation available

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The Metaphors of Movement Training Levels

The structure within metaphor is hierarchical, and so it seems logical to structure the nature of the Metaphors of Movement work along the lines of this structure. The training is progressive with hints for the higher levels given in each of the trainings

“Andy’s MoM has infused me with new energy and perspective for the work I do. It has also given new life to the tools I already have.”

- MoM takes the guess work out of change work. It is a precision tool to help you home in on the client’s exact stuck point and how they are maintaining their problem state.

– Unlike other approaches that are intrusive, or covert, or discursive, once you understand the client’s unique metaphors, MoM gives you and your client lots of room for creative engagement. How far you go with ‘directing’ is entirely up to you, your style, your comfort level.

– MoM is much more empowering and effective for the client. Once past the initial work of unearthing their metaphors and directing them, clients awaken to their own beliefs, metaphors and stuck points, which triggers a series of rapid, self induced results. They get the ‘hang of it,’ and fast.

    – The Metaphors of Movement models can be applied to both individual and     corporate/organisation levels

 2 Excellent Courses in one 6-day experience

         Levels 1&2 must be completed as a prerequisite for Level 3


Level 3. The Ground Work

This intermediate level training is an exploration of how we support ourselves and the interaction within the metaphoric environment. This elucidates the generative change work principles taught at level 2 and provides a useful extension for creating generative change.

Day 5. How, Where and Why We Stand

 Brand New training level- for the first time in the UK

The body and physical health metaphors.

Day 6. All the World is a Stage

        The personification of The Earth

MoM Harrogate